Funny e mail id's of movie stars [bollywood]

Abhishek Bacchan:

Amitabh Bacchan: accept_any_role@ after.kaunbanega

Anil Kapoor: expert@copyingsouth indianmovies. com

Salman Khan: why_do_I_always_ get_into_ trouble@needagir

Shah Rukh Khan: kkkkkkkkkkk. ...kiran@ mostmovies. com

Ram Gopal Varma: same_formula@ bombayunderworld ghost

Sunil Shetty: hoping_to_be@ indianarnold. com

Aamir Khan: whats_up_with_ the_hairstyle@ mangalpande. com

Aamir Khan(alternate address): married_or_not@ toomanyaffairs. com

Saif Ali Khan: goofy_roles@ suitsmeperfect. com

Hrithik Roshan: main_aisa_kyon_ hoon@howtheheckd

Hrithik Roshan (alternate address): main_aisa_kyon_ hoon@askyourdad. com

Ajay Devgan: finally_I_started_ to_act@aftersoma

Bobby Deol: noone_thinks_ I_can_act@ getanotherjob. com

Sunny Deol: He is still busy fighting Pakistani soldiers. Mail address is a secret.

Urmila: ramgopalvarma_ has_forgotten_ me@nomorerangeel

Mallika Sherawat: I_dont_need_ to_act@overexpos ureworks. com

Amisha Patel: Kaho_na_pyaar_ hai@wasmyonlyhit .com

Kareena Kapoor: oh_iam_so_cute_ and_talented@ nobodyelsethinks

Raveena Tandon: waiting_for_ third_umpire@

............ ......... ......... ......... .........

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