Resume (Confidential)


Girlfriend position with an interesting, attractive, 24-38 year old man that will build on prior success as a single woman and a long term girlfriend.

Relationship Experience

Single Woman in the City, Ltd., July 2001 – Present.
Single Woman
- Posted personal ads on the internet resulting in the three highest dating periods in single woman's several year history
- Wrote and edited personal ads and personal responses to numerous men; also wrote numerous interesting journal entries and short stories
- Managed inside and outside dates including hiking, dinner, drinks, sleepovers, museum outings, plays, music, and weekend trips
- Trained dates on etiquette through the use of role-plays, briefings, conversations, and emails
- Developed strategic plan to enjoy life as single woman including painting, reading, running, yoga, writing, and movie watching
- Managed life so that dating was not the only concentration
- Maintained friendships with other single women, old boyfriends, some new acquaintances

Long-Term Girlfriend, Inc., April 1999 - July 2001
Long-Term Girlfriend
- Consultant to boyfriend on wardrobe, cooking, and family relationship issues
- Participated in numerous debates including politics, existentialism, religion, business, and toilet seat positions
- Formulated and implemented dating plan including extensive hiking, breakfasts in bed, high levels of cuddling, and fun with friends and alone
- Wrote and edited online and print love letters
- Defined boundaries for success as an entity of my own, not the other half of boyfriend
- Responsible for PR with our friends to ensure that we kept all friendships and enjoyed time apart

Volunteer Activities

Conversation partner for mother, some cleaning and cooking, massages, and love

References available after we become acquainted.

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