Rajnikanth - straight from IT

*Rajnikant’s codes are never reviewed, if he makes an error, that’s an

*Rajnikant does not have any data type, because nothing can define Rajnikant.*

*Rajnikant’s for/while loop does not have an exit condition, he exists
when he desires so.*

*Rajnikant has written a software for himself, where he can set his
age to any value he wants.*

*Rajnikant does not use a key board, he communicates with computer
through mind power.*

*Rajnikant does not install an anti-virus on his PC. All computer
virus are looking for an Anti-Rajanikant software to save themselves
from hands of Rajanikant.*

Rajnikant's programs don't have Catch blocks... Because when
Rajnikant's program throws an exception, nobody can catch it! Only
Rajnikant himself can!!

When Rajnikant comes online, all servers shut down!
Because, the King of SERVERs is online...

*Rajnikant never writes queries to the Databases. Databases send their
queries to Rajnikant!*

Rajnikant never gets a DivideByZero exception. In any such case, 1/0
defines itself..

*Rajnikant reads only one slide for perception;*
As he says “ if I read one slide its similar to reading 100 slides”
*Mind it>>>>>>>>>*

Compiler doesnot warn Rajnikant , Rajnikant warns compiler .....

Rajnikant can execute a program before compiling

Default Value For Rajnikant is DEATH!!!!!!!!


Rajinikanth invented SQL!!

Rajinikant can access even private member variables from a different

Rajinikant can rollback his age in presence of commit.

There is no main function in rajnikant’s code……………….every function is
named “RAJNIKANT” and dare compiler produce an error!

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