New Year Resolutions

Making a life change is not just a matter of raw willpower. These strategics from clinical psychologist Kathleen Cox will help your stick it out.

Do you Really want it ? How much do you desire change and why : Sometimes it's of help to have short term reasons: effects on your health 30 years down the line can make uninspiring incentives, but if you want to get fit you can go skiing, this can help you focus.

Plan ahead it;s not surprising that you lapse early in March if you are impulsively decide on New Year's Day never to smoke or drink again. But if you planned your March detox at the start of December, that mental preparation time can be very helpful.

Be Flexible, Just because you slip and have a cigarette, it does'nt mean you have to give up trying to quit. Tomorrow's another day.

Get Support : It's ideal if people can share resolutions. If you want to go to the gym, arrange to go with someone else at set times. On the other hand, if you are trying to give up cigarettes, it won't help to sit next to someone who's smoking.

Are you Struggling? give yourself fresh incentive, try writing a list of pros and cons. Or build a system of rewards for good day.

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