A petite mistake turned out to be an horrendous incident
thrown out of life to face death's front
the knight racked in torturous pain
anguish, agony and was shoved away with nothing else than bain.

That began the war of life and death
fighting for life, fighting for breath
filled with hope and passion to live
trying to make out and strongly believe.

The soldier became a spark of light
taught us a lesson to realise what's not right
Became a cause to revolutionary protest
to make India safer, better than best.

The days that followed were a chain of struggle
The soldier's battle turned out to be an incomplete puzzle

Overcoming pain and stress, a message was conveyed
" Please save me, I want to live "
Sorry sister we left your hopes betrayed
Our apologies to those moments of greive.

Unfortunately the war came to an end
The soldier breathed her last
Pulled away to heaven, by her angel friend
but not to be forgotton as a past.

It all ended on a terrible black Saturday
Sister don't you worry, it'll never fade away
From the botton of my heart I heartfully pray
your sacrifice will make its way.

I'll ask not for your soul to rest in peace
I know, It will, when you get justice
yaani, didi tu hamesha hamara bharath logoan ka dil ka diya
"Hame maaf kar do NIRBHAYA!!!!!!"

By ,
U Kausikaa (a friend of mine)
Class ix

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