Blood Business

A Lalloobhai Bihari needed a heart transplant.

A lots of blood was required in case of emergency need of his rare type of blood. This blood was nowhere to be found.

Finally, a Makhichus Marwari with matching blood came forward from Marwar, for this price-less gift to others and next life punya merit it brought for free, to Patna for this free trip at Bihari's expense.

Surgery was accomplished with success. Bihari sent a thank you note, a beautiful car, a diamond ring, and tons of political money to the Marwari for his sense of philanthropy.

Soon in a few months need to attend to Bihari's heart again became necessary.

Marwari was called upon from Rajasthan to Jharkhand at his own expense.

He came flying, stayed like king, gave the blood again and left.

Bihari was cured, sent a simple "Thank you and may God bless you" note.

Marwari was furious

Came running on his feet from one end of the country to the other, loosing half his weight, for his just reward in this life, demanded an explanation why it was such a miserly sense of gratitude from this world famous filthy rich political Bihari now.

Bihari calmly explained, "Ha Bhaia, what I do? I now have Marwari blood in me, remember, you are the one who gave it to me?"


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