Inner Of A Brain...

Santa was competing with Harvard, Yale and MIT graduate for a job in Government. They were all invited in a all paid group discussions were Interviewer picked their thinking brains.

He asked, "Tell me, "O my prospective employees of Government, 'Tell me which is the fastest traveling thing in the world?"

The Yale guy stood up with a lightning speed and said, "Your honor, 'It is light, nothing can travel faster than light, said Albert Einstein." He smiled victory and with contempt to other candidates sat down.

The Harvard guy was just behind shaking his head, he said, "O respected, interviewer, it is the thought, because thought is so fast that it comes instantly in your mind.

The MIT guy stood up in ridicule to other two with blinking eyes, "My respected Sir, 'It is the Blink, you can Blink and its hard to realize you blinked.'" He spat on other two and sat down.

Now all the eyes were turned to the Great Santa, He stood up like a sick baby, with a grave look on his face and said, "It is inside you the force of which is the fastest."

Everybody was impressed with spirituality of Santa, they pulled their diaries to take notes of what Santa would say next and respectfully implored him to explain the inner of his hairy brain.

Santa said, "Sir last night after the all you can buffet chicken dinner you gave us in American Hotel, I was lying in my bed, I got the worst stomach cramps, and before I could Think, Blink or Turn on the lights, damned thing was over and chicken was out in hotel bed.


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