Why god created a handicapped living entity???

Why god created a handicapped living entity. Everyone knows that "All are equal before god", but why God created the living entities with so much difference. Someone gets a nice body, someone gets a diseased body. Someone gets some wealthy life or little struggle he can get some wealth, but someone even though very hard working still getting a small portion.

Why God treats like that?

First of why God does anything only he can reply, I can give you my opinion but its simply that my opinion, no one is Gods mouth piece. A handicapped life is not a lesser life. There are many handicapped people who are happy with who they are and have many gift and talents to offer the world. There is no life born with no value, from the smallest baby alive for only moments to 400 lb guy to a beauty queen to a pauper with no legs in Bangladesh. All there lives have purpose and meaning all are learning different lessons and teaching a variety of things to the people and world around them. A wealthy lifestyle is no key to happiness or fulfillment only to buying more stuff. God only gives you what you can handle, yes some people lives are a larger challenge than others but happiness is not measured in things and wealth.

If it was how can you justify the happiness of children in third world countries, they still experience Joy and love and laughter without ever having any monitory wealth there wealth comes in a different form. God creates us in all colours, creeds, races, abilities and capabilities we learn from each other differences and see the heart of people its our differences that unite us not our similarities. How boring and colorless the world would be if we all looked the same, earned the same, went after the same things, where is the learning in that. No surprises, no lessons, no heartbreaks, no joys in discovering something new. I like the world just the way it is (alot more peace would be good ) apart from that I see the world and people in it as beautiful all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all denominations.

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