The Four Friends

Four friends live in a village which has been struck by famine. Three of them are extremely clever and learned and consider their friend Shivanand a lazy but practical fool.

The four decide to go a place called Manasa, which is considered an asylum for scholars. On their way they have to pass through a forest. There they come across bones of a lion. Satyanand decides to show his knowledge by recreating the lion’s skeleton. The other friend reconstructs the lion’s muscles and structure. Vidyanand then wants to show his superior powers by breathing life into the lion.

Shivanand tries to stop them and warns them of the consequences of their plans. But they do not stop. Shivanand climbs a tree before Vidyanand foolishly proceeds with his plans. The lion comes to life and devours the three learned fools.

Shivanand’s practical nature saves him.

Moral: It is better to be practical than learned.

Moral 2 : Education destroys common sense(by Poonam Sankhe).


  1. Moral: Education destroys common sense
    hehehe nice1

  2. yeah..that true..
    ur moral is also added to post..:-)

  3. thank u kiran
    dats so sweet of u

  4. This a very much known and famous story

  5. #PS# ya its a very mch known story in india its frm panchatantra bt der r ppl who may nt knw abt it nd ders no harm in sharin wt we knw ri8????

  6. Yes Poonam,
    This is a story from Panch Tantra. It is very famous story book.
    You know this story was written by Pandit Vishnu Sharma. These are very nice stories with good moral.

  7. This is very intersting story but education never destroys commonsense and when practical and learned personality come together then become a perfect personality.


  8. yeah..but true for those who learn by only repetition without practicle.
    live example..Chatur Ramalingam (Silencer) from "3 IDIOTES".
    Thanks for ut visit Dinker..
    Keep visiting.


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