Believe not only in yourself,
but believe in your friends as well for it is in the eyes of your friends
that you discover yourself.
If somebody leaves u with lots of tears..
then just save them safely. later when a person who cums 2 u
with happiness, then just compare the
saved tears and present happiness.
If happiness overcomes your tears .....
Then i am sure you have found your BEST FRIEND.
Love is post paid, one month u don't pay, connection will be cut.
But friendship is life time prepaid whether u pay or not,
incoming is free for lifetime.
Birds that live in a lake will fly away when the lake dries up.
But the lotus in the same lake dies with the lake.
Dats d commitment in relationship.
Frndshp is like standing on wet cement..
The longer u stay, the harder it is 2 leave and
u can never go without leaving footprints behind.
A word 2 say, A word 2 hear, Even in ur absence I feel u near.....
Our relation is strong, Hope it goes long.....
We'll remain friendz, Till our HEARTS go on....
Being visible isn't always a requirement 4 being close,
it just takes some thoughtful gesture and
concern 2 capture d HEART of a FRND.
FRiENDSHiP means to FEEL some1 in every HEARTBiT to FIND
some1 in every THOUGHT to SEE some1 with
CLOSED EYES & to MiS some1 without reason.
Great relationships r not necessarily about finding similarities
it is more about..... Respecting differences. ....
A special Poem for YOU :- "Forgetting U is hard to do,
Forgetting me is up to U ! Forget me not,
Forget me never & U will have a Loveable FRND FOREVER...!


  1. thanks 4 ds article
    loved it :)
    its beautiful

  2. dedicated to all frnds like u..
    life without frndship is fish without water.
    such a wonderfull frnd u r..!!

  3. u too r 1 of d sweetest person nd sweetest frnd i hv
    thanks 4 being my frnd
    cheers to our frndshp

  4. Thanks to u also my mis sixteen frnd.

  5. thank you so much for posting this article, i really like it, it is such a nice and lovely poems to read :)

  6. Thank You so much.
    Glad to read that u liked it.
    Please Mention your good name.
    Keep Reading.


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