Pots Of Gold

Hari was the royal barber and earned a handsome salary. He was a cheerful man whom everyone liked.

One night when he was returning home through the forest he heard a voice. Worried that he might be chased by ghosts, Hari ran. The voice assured him that it only wanted to thank Hari for the kindness he showed to trees. Hari was too scared to pay any attention to the spirit.

To his amazement he found seven pots of gold at home. The first six were filled with gold while the seventh was only half-full. Hari and his wife decided to fill the seventh pot to the brim with gold.

From the next day, he began to drop all his earnings into the pot. Even after several days, the pot wouldn't full up. The couple began to go hungry hoping to save more money. By the end of the month Hari was losing sleep over the seventh pot of gold.

Hari's wife suggested that he should ask the king for a raise. That way could drop all the extra income into the pot. Surely by the end of the second month the pot was bound to fill up. Hari approached the king with a request for a raise. The king noticed that Hari was depressed and appeared worried. The king raised his salary. Despite all their efforts the couple could not fill the seventh pot.

Hari decided to ask the king for another raise. The king thought for a moment. It was unlike Hari to be so depressed. Beside he was being paid handsomely. Then the king asked, "Have you been given seven pots of gold by the forest spirit?"

Hari gaped at him and nodded his headed. The king then said, "The forest spirit once gave me six and a half pots of gold. I could have easily used the six pots. Instead, I spend all my time filling up the seventh pot. Return the pots to the forest. You will regain your peace of mind". Hari heeded the king's advice. He threw the pots away and lived happily.

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