Contentment is a rare state of mind that even the wisest among us sometimes find strenuous to attain.
There is no end to what the heart can desire, and because we can never have all that we want, we will always be unhappy if we can't be satisfied with what we have.
The way to happiness is to learn how to restrain our human desires, especially the desire to have more. Disappointment comes when we can't obtain what we desire or expect.
We foolishly ignore our loved ones to obtain what we desire, only to find the joy it brings is only temporal.
Someone once said that "the constant pre-occupation with self and selfish desires is a sure road to misery".
Avoid self-pity. Recognize that everyone, even pop stars and millionaires, have problems. Accept your situation and take small steps to improve it.
Helping others in little ways brings unexpected happiness. It takes your focus away from the "Poor Me!" syndrome.
Appreciate and treasure what you have now. You can never tell what will happen tomorrow. You may lose that special friend or loved one whom you've been taking for granted.
A wise man once said, "Seek not wealth or riches. Instead, seek to be wise."

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