Who is Father???!!!

A baby was born to a couple, John and Rosy.

When he was 1, he could talk like an adult. When he was 2, he could read anything. When he was 3, he could do advanced calculus. When he was 4, he could predict the future.

One day, he made three predictions: "1 year from today, I will die. 2 years from today, my mother will die. 3 years from today, my father will die."

Sure enough, a year later the young boy died.

John, getting the picture in a big way, loaded up his wife, Rosy, with a million dollars in life insurance. A year later Rosy died.

John collected the million dollar insurance benefit, and, figuring he only had a year before his own death, he went on a 364-day binge... Fast cars, faster women, exotic vacations, and flings with supermodels.

John's timing was perfect, for on the 364th day, he blew the last penny on a Blue Sapphire martini and an exotic dancer with a taste for overpriced champagne and sexy lingerie.

At midnight, John toasted himself, "What a way to go..." and slipped off into what he assumed would be his big sleep.

To his amazement, John woke up the next morning. He had cheated death! He was invincible!

Then the exotic dancer with whom John had spent the night broke the news. "Honey, better come quick, the gardener's dead!!!"

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